Weekend Getaway

January 12, 2015

So you’ve been invited for a weekend away… we’re already jealous. TEAMfabulous put together a list of must haves for you.. and we fit it all in a carry on.

1. ASHLEYlauren Cocktail Dress: Style 4027

Every weekend away needs a cocktail dress. You can rock it at your red carpet event, dinner with your man, or pageant appearance. We picked out our favorite, style 4027. The illusion back is accented with pearls and rhinestones making it easy to dress up or down.

2. Alexis Bittar Clip On Earrings

This pick was for Ashley Lauren… did you know she doesn’t have her ears pierced? Alexis Bittar has an incredible selection of regular and clip earrings. Check out the evening collection. We are obsessed with the combinations of pearls and rhinestones… I wonder why?

3. Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump

Nothing is better. These are the classic pump for a night out. Get some, after all you need them.

4. Louis Vuitton Carry On Luggage

We told you we’d fit it all in a carry on. Travel in style ladies.

5. Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedge Sneaker

Rock this sneaker with your white tee and jeans. Your look will stay casual but you will have the height you need. The heel is super comfy... You can run all over town in these!

6. Frame Denim Jeans

Looking for the perfect denim? The pair that hug your curves and don’t bag out throughout the day. We have found them… grab a pair of FRAMEs.

7. The Ropes Maine Bracelet

This is definitely one of our favorite accessories. We frequently wear The Ropes Maine around the office, out on the town and pretty much everywhere else. With hundreds of color combinations you can find the perfect one for you. We love black and gold. It goes with everything!

8. Dolce and Gabanna Lipstick

You’re wearing an incredible cocktail dress, rocking the red bottoms and away for the weekend… yes you NEED a red lip. To get your red to stay all night long we recommend Dolce and Gabanna.

9.  Chanel Sunglasses

Complete your relaxed Sunday look with some less than casual shades. Yes, Chanel sunglasses can be worn inside. We are giving you permission to sleep in, ditch the makeup, and rock the shades. You’re welcome.

10. Monrow White V-Neck

A white V-Neck is necessity on a weekend away. It is perfect for the airport or walking around Sunday morning. We love wearing a white tee with jeans and sneakers. This classic look never goes out of style.

11. Christian Louboutin Beaute Nail Polish

Who doesn’t want their nails to match their red bottoms? Touch your nails up before you head out for the night. If this nail polish is in your collection… bring it everywhere.

12. Victoria’s Secret Silk Wrap

This item is a lifesaver. It is the ultimate robe to wear when prepping for you event. It is also super comfy to sleep in or throw on before slipping into that cocktail dress. This komono and slippers is the ultimate hotel attire.

13. Skyn Eye Mask

Out late on Saturday… no one will know tomorrow! Throw these one before bed and give your eyes the TLC they deserve. You will be shocked how incredible your eyes will feel after 10 minutes.

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