How To: Selfie

May 07, 2015

So Kim Kardashian’s book Selfish has us all thinking… how many selfies is too many? Our answer… there is no such thing. To be honest the ASHLEYlauren team indulge in the occasional selfie and we have come up with our tips on capturing the perfect one.

Step 1: Look up: To get the perfect selfie you need the right angle. Hold your phone higher than eye level and tilt your head up. This angle hides every double chin and always helps bring out your contour.

Step 2: Find your “Good Side”: There isn’t anything wrong with running to the left of your girlfriend before she snaps that picture. We get it, your hair part looks awkward from any other angle… So, use this guideline when snapping your next selfie. It’s the foolproof way to guarantee you’ll get the right shot… without taking 100 pictures.

Step 3: Change it Up: We love that kissy face you post every Saturday before a night on the town... but we’ve already seen it. Change up your selfie game by not cropping off parts of your face. Or try posting a picture with your face turned to the side. It shows your selfie game is on point without making your Instagram repetitive.

Step 4: Filter: Instagram makes it easy to edit your pictures so take advantage of the filters and go crazy.


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