Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow

February 12, 2015

How do we stay up on the latest day wear fashion… Instagram of course. We grab our inspiration from our favorite fashion bloggers. Click the links below to read their latest blogs and find them on Instagram.

The Blonde Salad - We love Chiara Ferragni and always stay up to date with her latest fashion, travel and inspiration. You can spend hours on Instagram drooling over her fashion forward style and behind the scene pics. Speaking of, if you aren’t stalking her during New York Fashion Week you’re crazy. Her Instagram gives us a front row seat.

Refinery29 - For all the latest celebrity gossip and beauty tips we frequent Refinery29. With multiple bloggers hard at work there is always something new. You can do it all in one spot with Refinery29, you can plan your next vacation, shop Beyonce’s latest look, stay organized and plan your next mani.

Sydney Fashion Blogger - When it comes to street fashion there isn’t anything hotter than Australia. It’s no wonder we’re obsessed with Antoinette Marie. This girl knows how to wear a dress… no complaints here!

Song of Style - No one can pull off boyfriend jeans like Aimee Song… don’t worry everything else she wears looks incredible too. This blog combines the everyday fashion we love with DIY tips, recipes and home decor.

Blogdathassia - No one can pull off patterns like Thassianaves. She always dresses for her personality and rocks the patterns and colors others shy away from. When we want to step out of our comfort zone we use Thassianaves as inspiration.

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