Good Day Maine Segment: Quick Holiday Hair

December 09, 2011

Today on Good Day Maine, Noel Garcia Rivera and I showed viewers how to take your hair from work to party with 3 simple hairstyles.

The first style was creating body and waves using pin curls. To get this look, form "pin curls" with your hair and pin in place. (Refer to video for visual.) To simplify the amount of pin curls, think of putting three pin curls on the top, both sides and back of your hair. Always roll and pin the curls in the direction away from your face. After pinning hair, spray with hairspray to set. Another trick is to heat the curls up with a blow dryer then use the cold button to cool the curls to set them even better. Once your hair is pinned, you can apply your makeup while it is out of your face. After you are done with your makeup, remove all pins let all the curls loose. Finger your hair to style. Avoid combing or brushing as this will take out the curls you just worked to make. Finish by spraying curls again with hairspray.

The second look was taking the "pin curl" look but this time part the hair to one side. On the opposite side, pull hair back and fasten with a clip. You can choose a decorative clip to match your outfit. (The video shows this look very well!) This look is great when you want to show off a great smoky eye!

The third style is a simple but chic ponytail. First, we gathered the hair back and held the hair gathered in a pony tail. While holding the ponytail, fasten the elastic and bobby pins around the ponytail as the video shows. The plastic band will help your hair from sliding out of the ponytail and the bobby pins help fasten it tight. After you have fastened your ponytail, you can choose to dress it up even more by wrapping some of the hair from the ponytail around the elastic to cover the elastic. Also, you can add a pin to the side of the ponytail to make it ever more dressy. Depending on your face shape, you may want to tease the front of your hair before pining into a pony tail to add height to the top of the head for added volume.

Remember, whatever style you choose, always spray with hairspray to prevent "fly aways" and to help hold in place!

To view all these styles, please check out the video

Thank you to Ashlee from Ibec Creative for being our model!

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