Kentucky Derby Attire

May 02, 2018

Kentucky Derby Attire

Not only is the Kentucky Derby known as the best two minutes in sports but it is also known for its ever changing fashions. Whether you’re attending the Kentucky Derby or watching from home we’ve found the dresses and hats to ensure you’re outfit will take home the trophy.

The Dress

Let’s start with our favorite part, the dress. A great cocktail dress is a must for any Derby event. We recommend picking a dress that shows off your personality with fun details like pearls or pleats. Hint: Pick a dress that is a solid color so you can go wild with the hat and accessories.

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The Hat

Let your hat (or fascinator) do the talking by picking a bright color or larger than life style. This is the Kentucky Derby so don’t hold back - any hat goes! Our favorites are from Arturo Rios!
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The Must-Haves

To make sure you’re styling, and prepared, all day we asked Fashion at the Races founder, Briana Mott, for some insider tips.
(Here is Briana at last year’s Kentucky Derby wearing ASHLEYlauren style 4045!)

“The Kentucky Derby is a long day where you put a ton of mileage on your shoes. First and foremost, make sure your shoes are comfortable. Do not buy new ones and wear them for the first time on Derby Day. If you can, bring a pair of flip flops or ballet sandals to change into at the end of the day.

In my clutch or purse, I always have lip gloss, a couple band-aids (just in case!), bobby pins (for those fly-aways) and a portable phone charger. You don't want to be taking that perfect photo with your girlfriends and have your phone die!

Lastly, bring cash! You need to make some money betting those ponies in order to save up for your 2019 Derby outfit! Nothing like waiting in the ATM line to kill your raceday vibe.”
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